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We Are Sacred:
Gathering Of Native Americans

    Our GONA is an annual 4-Day Gathering for 18 - 30 year-olds to embrace culture and tradition. By providing a safe space for Indigenous young adults to learn, converse and socialize, we are reinforcing positive habits and self-promotion of our indigeneity. Following the GONA curriculum, we dedicate each of the 4 days to specific aspects of living (Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence and Generosity). 

We Are Sacred: GONA 2023

    We Are Sacred: GONA 2023 was held at Los Coyotes Reservation Campground from August 10th to August 13th. 30 Participants came out for a total of over 80 community members in attendance.

     Coming from diverse walks of life, we exchanged stories and discovered destined connections. Surrounded by traditional songs, language, food, medicine and ceremony, everyone understood this to be a sacred space, where in fact, we are sacred.

Collaborative Healing

    The GONA provides a safe environment that nurtures and validates the healing process and allows essential space for truth-telling and taking up space.

YOU deserve to take space.

    We place an emphasis on decolonization, healthy relationships, ceremony, food systems, and independence from self-medicating.

For The People

   Our GONA focuses on the young adults who do not often have healing spaces dedicated to them. The intention is to encourage youth leaders to dive deeper into themselves to awaken the ancestral knowledge that is already within them. With the guidance of honorable spiritual leaders and mentors, we gain the confidence to walk in a good way.

We Are Sacred: GONA 2024

    We Are Sacred: Gathering Of Native Americans 2024 will be held June 21st - June 23rd.

Registration for the event is now closed.

See you soon!

We Are Sacred: Gathering Of Native Americans 2024
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