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means "For The People".

Pronounced: "Ah-tAH-hoom pome-qwan"


    Our work honors our Native grandparents who survived government sanctioned genocide so we may exist today. Our obligation is to serve their grandchildren and their grandchildren’s children. Our purpose driven mission is to provide community resources centered around healing and improved mental health for the continued survival of California’s Native and Indigenous peoples; their languages, customs, and histories. We are grateful to have you join in this journey with us.

  • Virtual Storytelling/Language

  • "Plants as Medicine" Workshops

  • Social Justice Trainings for youth, parents and community members

  • "Choo’onum Noneshkinum: All My Relations" Cultural Humility Trainings

  • Guest Lectures & Speaking (USD, HighTech High, Lemon Grove Elementary, SDSU, UCSD, Torrey Pines State Park, Climate Action Campaign)

  • Local School Districts

  • Education Center Partnership

  • Buena Vista Audubon Society Wetland Restoration

  • Creation Story Book Project

  • California Indian Manpower Consortium's "Youth and Community Employment Program"

We Are Sacred:
Gathering Of Native Americans

Our annual 4-Day Gathering

for 18 - 28 year-olds to

embrace culture and tradition.

Reserve your spot now for 2024!


Mailing a check to 'ataaxum Pomkwaan... - make checks out to CASA - put 'ataaxum Pomkwaan in the memo at the bottom of the check. - Mail to: Community Action Service & Advocacy/CASA, 7839 University Ave, Suite 107, La Mesa, CA 91942


 If you would like to support our Indigenous, women lead, purpose-driven team who is on a mission to provide healing-centered resources, please consider donating.  The fact Native peoples are 1% of the population speaks to their sacredness.

    Our experienced team acknowledges and understands our communities' unique and specific needs and is fighting for justice and equity. We are strong advocates and are doing inclusive decolonizing and prevention work with Native & Indigenous youth and families across the county. These funds will help continue building our new non-profit, enabling us to expand and elevate the services we provide. Thank you for your commitment and contribution to this critical work!



Select 'ataaxum Pomkwaan
from the dropdown menu.

Executive Director
Ami Admire

Ami is Payómkawichum from the Rincon Band; a trained teacher with 25+ years experience developing culturally responsive curriculums using a mental health framework including Rez Beats, Native & Indigenous Classes and Clubs, Rincon Youth Storytelling, and is a trained facilitator of Gathering of Native Americans.  Ms. Ami is also a recipient of the National Indian Health Board Local Impact Award for making a difference in her community.


Esmeralda Salcedo

Es is Nuu Savi (Mixtec) with four Kumeyaay children and husband from the San Pasqual Band. She is a trained teacher with 25+ years experience developing culturally responsive curriculums and is passionate about the equitable education and access to healing for our young people.

profile _headshot-Esmeralda_Salcedo.jpg

Director of Operations
Melissa Elder

Melissa has indigenous ancestry from Honduras. As an environmental engineer, she is a passionate advocate for social & environmental justice, and has 9 years of experience in environmental engineering, policy advocacy, volunteer and program management.


Community Support Manager
Cassie Whitten

Cassie is Payómkawichum from the Pechanga Band; is dedicated to social & emotional wellness, has coordinated three Gathering of Native Americans, & is skilled at building relationships with young people.


Community Organizer
Andrea Gaspar

Andrea is a queer Mexican Ñuu Davi born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana, Kumeyaay Territory. She is earning her PhD in Ethnic Studies from the University of California San Diego. Her current work focuses on the development of life-affirming institutions and community spaces centering the healing and autonomy of Indigenous, Black, migrant, queer and trans peoples. She has seventeen years of community and coalition organizing experience on youth, education, racial, economic, environmental and housing justice. 


Youth Organizer / Designer
Romeo Campos

Romeo is Payómkawichum from the Pechanga Band and Gabrielino Tongva. They are dedicated to encouraging collaborative creative expression so we can experience innovation that uplifts us. They have fresh eyes, ideas and a whole lot of patience. Their artistic experience is unusually wide.

Our work would not be possible without the support of our friends.

The California Endowment, The San Diego Foundation, Sierra Health Foundation/Elevate Youth California*, The California Coastal Commission's WHALE TAIL Grant**, The California Wellness Foundation***, California State Coastal Conservancy, Audubon California, Buena Vista Audubon and our donors for sharing in our collective vision for healed youth and families.

* Elevate Youth California supports this project through Proposition 64 funds.The California Department of Health Care Services contracts The Center at
Sierra Health Foundation to support the implementation of this program.

* * "Funding for the California Coastal Commissions Whale Tail Grants program is made possible by sales of the WHALE TAIL® License Plate, donations to the Protect Our Coast and Oceans Fund on the California state tax return, and funds from the State of California."

*** 'ataaxum Pomkwaan is funded in part by The California Wellness Foundation. Cal Wellness’ vision is for every resident of California to enjoy good health and experience wellness. Cal Wellness’ mission is to protect and improve the health and wellness of the people of California by increasing access to health care, quality education, good jobs, healthy environments and safe neighborhoods.”

Thank you to our Fiscal Sponsor!

Community Action Service & Advocacy (CASA)

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